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JS Text File JS TExt File Merger would be very useful tool for those who wish to merge text files. Beyond just merging, one can set the sequence of the files to be merged. By default the files with extensions "TXT
Size: -
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JS Text File Merger A small tool to merge text files into one text file
Size: 1816K
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Merge Combine join run SQL file file merger run SQL script  
JS Time Simple analogue desktop clock but the good thing is that it is almost completely transparent both for the eye and mouse clicks.
Size: 218 KB
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clock Alarm Clock Alarm time Remind Event Time Clock  
JS DUC JS-DUC 1.00 Helps create JavaScript-include files for dynamic updating webpages
Size: 275 KB
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MASM include files  
JS Pager Gives user the ability to design the appearance of JS Pager.
Size: 627k
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Pager JS pc to pager pager message send to pager  
FindinSite-JS FindinSite-JS is a Search engine for web sites that consist of HTML, PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT and JPEG files. FindinSite-JS is a Java Servlet that will run in most servers. Some servers will need to be equi
Size: 1.3 MB
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site index generator site index creator site index builder  

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Java Script Editor This is a handy editor for Javascript documents
Size: 5.7 MB
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editor javascript JavaScript editor Java Script Editor  
MathEval A JS-style calculator in your statusbar which uses the JS Math object to calculate the result
Size: 6 KB
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calculator calculate math Firefox extension Math operation  
JsHttpRequest An easy-to-use cross-browser AJAX library with AJAX file uploading support and many other features
Size: 10 KB
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ActiveX control ActiveX JS prototype viewer cross browser  
Visual JS Visual JS is a Web-Based RAD IDE with file manager for building Ajax RIA
Size: 430 KB
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JS RIA integration RIA web file manager Visual manager  
HF ExeScript HF ExeScript is a program that quickly converts batch files (.bat), VBS and JS scripts to executable files (.exe). It also protects contents of .bat, .vbs and .js files from being changed by other use
Size: 2.3 MB
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JS bat password BAT file creator BAT bat to exe converter  
JS Virtual Piano JS Virtual Piano 2.1 build100 JS Virtual Piano - Enjoy the Real piano Fun on your PC
Size: 1.4 MB
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electric piano piano sound piano synthesizer piano emulator  

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Developer File js, and the file is Button.debug.js, this file is matched and a release file is created using Button.js as its name (with a release extension of .js).
Size: 216 KB
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compression create help file compress compressor  
Javascript Indexer This free console application scans a specified directory, creates a database and a search function and stores them in a .js file. You only have to add a form and a link to the .js file on your page a...
Size: 81K
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indexer cd indexer Torrent Indexer share indexer  
Smalify Portable for file changes to js, CSS and LESS files. Smalify is a small Windows application which monitors the folders you've selected, for file changes to JS, CSS and LESS files. When a file is changed, Smal...
Size: -
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dotjs for Firefox dotjs for Firefox is a useful extension designed to execute JavaScript files in `~/.js` based on the filename and the domain you are visiting. If you have a ~/.js/default.js, it will execute on every ...
Size: 322 KB
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javascript execute firefox firefox addon  
GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Pligg CMS files) folder in site/modiles By default Pligg CMS doesn't come with TinyMCE, but If you have TinyMC...js in "modules/tynimce/js" with the one in module "admin_groupdocsComparison/tiny_mce.js". Or add "+...
Size: 59.02K
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AK JS Editor AK js Editor is a useful tool tha will enable you to edit JavaScript code. Not full-featured editor but includes code snippets and function libraries, references,and a lot more that aids in practising...
Size: 2.1 MB
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editor edit javascript JavaScript editor JavaScript code